Anonymous said: I'm a local model in NC and want to become a promo model. How do you get people to contact you for modeling their clothes? I would love to do the same thing

get your followers up on all of ur social networking sites, take unique pictures, and just be yourself.

Anonymous said: Someone posted a screen shot of you on twitter calling you a fake tumblr bitch but I didn't wanna tag your name in it because it's unwanted negativity. You're beautiful regardless of what people say

thank you. i don’t really care what ppl have to say tbh. im just me. it sounds to me like they are making assumptions & it all comes down to their own insecurities. that person needs a hug.

Anonymous said: who do you get to take your pictures?


thenameisrheagan said: you know what? I've just come to the conclusion that I have a ton of respect for you. I'm glad you found your way after everything you went through! wishing you the best of luck in all you do girl (:

wow, thanks so much! ily. this means so much to me, stay beautiful :)

udaitaxim said: Stay blessed. You are a true inspiration. I'm glad you were able to become the role model for so many others that you needed when you were younger. We need more people like you, people that are actively trying to affect a positive change on the world. Keep doin' you because you are a beautiful person from the inside out.

so much respect for this yo. i truly appreciate it. xo